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Quality, Consultancy and Coaching services

Experience. Pragmatism. Professionalism.

At GESQA we believe in finding problems that threaten the value of your product before your customers do.

To quote Mark Twain

"To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

To quote GESQA
"To a man with a multi-tool, the nail is inconsequential."

Whatever quality goals you’re hoping to achieve, I can provide pragmatic solutions and advice to help you achieve them.

I can:

  • Design realistic, achievable QA processes that reflect your real world quality problems

  • Coach your team in practical quality activities that will maximise the ROI on tool investment

  • Run workshops:

    • QA fundamentals​ inc. Test techniques, design, scripting & reporting

    • How to create effective engagement across all stakeholder levels

    • The role of a QA in an Agile environment

    • Essential soft skills

    • Practical exploratory testing

    • Web service testing

    • BDD principles and how to apply them effectively

    • The art of good Gherkin

    • A QA's role in testing the idea

    • How to build a QA team

    • QA interview techniques

    • The why's. when's and where's of useful automation

    • Defect management


Experience. Pragmatism. Professionalism.

Speaker in front of a Crowd

Do what you do, only better


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Honest. Unfiltered. Opinionated.

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The Pragmatic Viewpoint



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