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Since 2001, I’ve advocated for quality driven approaches across development teams.


My software testing career began in April 2000 where I spent 6 years working within a military software team responsible for developing the operational flight program for the Tornado GR4 fighter. These formative years shaped my belief that testing is as easy as you want it to be. It further reinforced my belief that skilled testing requires a skilled tester.

After taking redundancy in 2006 I transitioned to civilian life. My experience was further enhanced by working within online learning institutions, the forerunners of the iPlayer (a streaming service utilising predictive and adaptive bitrates) through to the fledgling fintech industry developing webservices, mobile banking apps and whitelabel applications. 


For the past 10 years I have built, coached, mentored and managed QA teams advocating and promoting the quality mindset to developers, PO's and stakeholders with diverse skill-sets within agile environments.

I believe that QA can play a vital role in developing a quality mindset via effective and pragmatic communication and the application of critical thinking skills. Often, the smallest change can have the greatest effect. 


Automated test execution, CI/CD, continuous testing and coding skills are valuable, but without an underlying understanding of the core principles of a quality driven approach from personnel involved in developing the software, all the investment in toolsets and attendant processes are tantamount to building a castle on sand.


My focus is targeted at building efficient teams and approaches that will result in pragmatic relationships that endure independently of technology stacks with the ultimate goal of delivering quality software with repeatable techniques that can be applied to any business domain.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch to learn more about a consulting approach that will work for your organisation.

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